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Hotel Hero

Hotel Hero

Hotel Hero was created by a hotel General Manager to make running a hotel more efficient and more profitable.

Hotel Hero decreases guest issues, increases guest satisfaction, creates more repeat business, and helps your hotel to become more profitable.

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Hotel Hero has two main components:
1. Web Application which runs on any computer from a website url using Secure Socket Layer protection
2. Mobile App that works with iOS (iPhone,iPod,iPad) and Android Devices

The web application is used by employees that have access to a internet connected computer. Front Desk, Hotel Managers, and some supervisors.
The Mobile App is used by all staff members that the hotel wants to communicate with:
Maintenance Staff, Housekeeping Supervisors, Hotel Managers

Hotel Hero is a Communication Platform

Scenario: A guest stops at the front desk to state that his toilet is not working.
1. Front desk agent logs the toilet malfunction into the web application
2. The desk agent asks the guest for a good contact e-mail address so that they can confirm when the task is complete. (optional)
3. Hotel Hero dispatches the request to maintenance employee "James Rodgers"
4. Employee "James Rodgers" gets an alert on using the Hotel Hero phone app over wifi alerting him to the issue.
5. In 20 minutes James has completed the repair and marked it as complete in the Hotel Hero phone app.
6. Hotel Hero sends guest an e-mail from the hotel General Manager stating that his issue has been resolved. (optional)
7. Guest is thrilled to know that his toilet is repaired and is feeling very positive about this interaction with the hotel.

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Keep Track of your Inventory

Hotels have inventory and a lot of it.
Linens, Shampoos, Soaps, Light Bulbs, and much more. Not only are there a lot of items to count but they are spread out over several different closets / floors as well.

Log, Track and Simplify with Hotel Hero

Hotel Hero makes taking a multi-closet inventory a breeze using our mobile app.
You simply walk the halls and mark the counts in the app.
Once complete, the app will show you what you are missing compared to your preset inventory needs.
Also the app will give you your order amounts including Vendor and Part information.
Using Hotel Hero makes monthly or weekly inventory a piece of cake.

Issue Tracking

Log and Report

Hotel Hero will save all daily information about housekeeping, maintenance, and any other department so that it can be analyzed and reviewed.
You can view what types of issues are happening at your property in real-time.
Hotel Hero allows your departments to communicate quickly and easily with each other.
Staff can enter multiple issues at the same time without the fear of clogging up the radio with requests.
Departments can review their outstanding issues and make sure they are all resolved in a timely manner. No more forgotten rooms.

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Room Inspections

Custom Room Inspections

Managers can use the room inspection wizard in the mobile Hotel Hero app to document daily room inspections.
Inspections are completely customizable to the individual property from checking under the bed to using the white glove test above the television.
You determine exactly which items need to be inspected and their point values.
Once an inspection is complete the staff member receives a score which is saved with the inspection report.
Inspection scores can help to document staff members that are doing a fantastic job and those that need more training to meet the hotel standards.

Social Monitoring

Trip Advisor, Facebook, and Twitter

Your business Twitter and Facebook sites integrate with Hotel Hero.

Your team can easily see your most recent Twitter and facebook postings and interact with them easily.

Best of all, you can integrate your hotels TripAdvisor page and keep track of your ranking and reviews.

Social Dashboard


Hotel Hero provides a wealth of Data

Easily see which rooms, sections, or departments are having the most issues.
User Activity Reports show your most productive employees and which need improvement.
Inventory reports let you keep track of your supplies
Trend reports reveal underlying issues that should be resolved because they keep repeating.
Never have to sort through a binder of paper to find out what happened a month ago in room 202.
Search the history of issues to find specific events.

Remote Access

Hotel Hero is accessible everywhere

You are not limited to using Hotel Hero from the local level only.
Senior management can login to Hotel Hero from anywhere with an internet connection to view real-time hotel status information.
View what types of issues are active currently.
Review past issues.
View all Hotel Hero reports.
Use the mobile app on their smartphone devices (iOS/Android)

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