Case Study

The Holiday Inn Express San Antonio began using Hotel Hero in June 2012.

The hotel a focus on Hotel Hero in August and noticed dramatic results.

This property increased their overall service by 13 points from 80 to 93.99 in three short months

The hotel reduced their number of guests reporting problems because they were able to follow through on the reported issues. Issues were not lost, dropped, or forgotten. They were addressed by the staff and the guests noticed the difference and reported it on their surveys.

The data displayed was supplied to Hotel DNA by the property from their IHG customer surveys.

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Hotel Hero

Hotel Hero improves the communication and documentation at your property.

Contact us today to learn how Hotel Hero can help you get more return business.

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Use technology to your Advantage

Hotel Hero assists hotels in reporting and resolving guest issues quickly and efficiently.

The software uses mobile devices, web applications, text messaging, and e-mail messages to communicate with team members.

Hotel Heros reports show the management team which rooms have the most issues, which employees are the most productive, and which departments need extra attention. The reports allow the General Manager to focus where attention is needed most.

The application logs hotel issues, notifies staff members, tracks response times, creates effective reports, simplifies hotel operations, allows remote data gathering, saves pictures for future review and much more.

Hotel Hero decreases guest issues, increases guest satisfaction, and reduces guest recovery losses.

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