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Hotel Hero

Hotel Hero assists with legal claims against your property

Has your hotel had to deal with a 'slip and fall' claim in the past few years?

The average cost to defend a slip and fall lawsuit is $50,000 (NFSI). This figure includes legal fees and settlement offers.

Hotel Hero can assist your property by giving you the documentation you need to defend your company from fraudulent claims.

Fraudulent claims are on the rise. Increasing 12% according to the National Insurance Crime Bureaus latest report.

Learn more about Hotel Hero      Read NICB Report

Walk Through of How Hotel Hero can Help

A guest falls in the lobby of your hotel!

The front desk manager springs to action and offers the guest assistance with getting off the floor.
The guest states that he has hurt ankle.
The front desk manager offers to contact 911 and the guest declines.

Hotel Hero Documentation

The front desk manager goes to the desk and opens the Hotel Hero web app.
He logs "Slip and Fall" in the "Lobby" for guest "Roger Matheson".

Automatically: Hotel Hero sends a text message to the General Manager and also e-mails the corporate attorney about the incident.

Hotel Hero prompts the front desk manager to print your company INCIDENT REPORT and reminds him to take photo evidence.

The front desk manager fills out the incident report and follows your company protocol for filing it.
Incident report is scanned and attached in Hotel Hero. Digitally stored.
The front desk manager uses the Hotel Hero app on his phone to attach photos of the accident scene. He makes sure to take a picture detailing the yellow caution wet floor sign.
The incident pictures are attached in Hotel Hero to the same file.

6 Months Later your corporate office is notified of a pending lawsuit regarding "Roger Matheson".

The hotel General Manager looks up the incident, downloads the incident report and all of the photos, and sends this information to the attorney representing the hotel.

Hotel Saves Thousands!
The General Manager is a Hero!

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